Frequently Asked Questions

What is SabraNet?

SabraNet features the best Israeli TV content: breaking news, talk shows, entertainment, lifestyle, music, food and the best Israeli hit TV shows and reality shows. On SabraNet we only carry licensed content, unlike others, we are 100% legal.  Try SabraNet for  30 days free trial by clicking here.

Where are SabraNet channels available?

There’s no need for expensive satellite dishes or a cable TV subscriptions.  Download our application on your TV, smartphone or tablet and watch the best Israeli TV programs on all your devices with the same account.  There’s no need for additional memberships and we’re available anywhere around the globe (*except Israel)!

When do you broadcast?

We broadcast 24/7 and we have two channels available for you, a USA version and a European version.

How to become a member?

To watch the SabraNet channels you need to purchase a membership that will continue month-to-month until you cancel.  Cancelling your subscription is simple and can be done with the click of a button. The membership payment is made and managed through your Application Store account. You can purchase a membership here:  SabraNet Membership

How many devices can watch simultaneously?

You can watch with 3 devices simultaneously per account at the same time.

I Can't login into my account

You can get your password sent to your email account using the “Forgot Password” link in the front page.

How can I contact you?

You can contact us by email or by using the “Contact Us” link in your App menu.

Tel: +972-73-7998873

How do i purchase a subscription?

How to cancel your membership?

You can cancel your membership at any time through the “My Account” page in your App. The link “Cancel Membership” will forward you to your Application Store account page, where you can cancel your membership subscription. You will continue to have access to the content through the end of your monthly billing period.

How to update my details?

Use the “My Account” link on the App menu. Click on “Edit Details”. Now you can edit your name, email or change your password. Click “Save details” when done. Please note that payments are managed from your device’s application store account.

Live stream issues

In order to watch our video, you need a stable internet connection (min download 2Mbps). Check your connection speed. Please let us know if you need further assistance using the “Contact Us” link in the App menu.

Do you broadcast LIVE ISRAELI NEWS?

Yes, we broadcast  live Israeli news.  From time to time, we break into regularly scheduled programming with live breaking news.